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Monday, May 30, 2016



Manathakkali keerai, Blacknightshade in English, is a greens which has high nutirtional value with vitamins and minerals. In Coimbatore and suburbs they call this as Chukkutti keerai. You can see sellers promote this sukkutti juice in parks, while going for morning walks.  I heard that they sell manathakkali juice in marina beach during early morning hours. It is easily available in all places. The greens vendors bring it regularly. We can also grow it in our home. During my childhood, I often used to get mouth ulcers. My grandma will give some manathakkali leaves and will ask me to chew it raw, as it enables quick healing of mouth ulcers. We grew it in our home and all of us like the black shiny fruits. The juice from the leaves also gives relief from painful periods, urinary infection, constipation and dysentry. The juice also reduces nausea during pregnancy. Apart from this, all recipes like koottu, rasam, soup, kuzhambu, poriyal etc. can be made with these leaves. 

Recently my friends son met with an accident, and during the treatment, due to drug allergy he got severe stomach ulcers. They were reluctant to take any medicines. I suggested to take this juice in empty stomach daily and voila his ulcers were cured!!! So, I thought of sharing my grandma’s easy therapy which cures mouth and stomach ulcers. It is more a therapy than a recipe.


Manathakkali leaves - 1 cup
Fresh buttermilk - 1 or 2 cups
Salt / Black salt - to taste
Roasted pepper- jeera powder - ¼ tsp.


Take the leaves off the stem. Wash well and grind in a mixie alongwith salt and little water, to a fine paste. You can use this paste as it is or strain.

Add buttermilk, pepper-jeera powder, mix well and pour into a serving glass. (Drinking plain juice does wonders).

Manathakkali juice is ready!

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